ESPN forgot they were entertainment

I read today that ESPN is going to release 100 “on-air talents”.  ESPN believes the primary reason their viewership is decreasing is because people are getting rid of their cable.  That is certainly part of it, but only a part.  I still have cable.  ESPN used to be my go to channel, but I rarely watch ESPN any more.  I quit watching because, in my opinion, they forgot their purpose which was sports entertainment.  And what I mean is that I felt like too much of the “on-air talent” was pushing or supporting an agenda.  And you may disagree.  I’m just saying that I do not need to tune in to sports programming for my moral guidelines or instruction.  However, I see more and more of our society looking in all the wrong places for moral instruction.  Even much of the church is taking the bait.

I listened to a sermon from John MacArthur today and he said that publishers have told him that Bible Study book sales have plummeted even as the sale of Christian fiction and Christian entertainment books have skyrocketed.  There is a void in Biblical literacy and teaching in our society.  We have a Bible Study group on Wednesday nights after our dinner and devotion and the same dedicated 8-10 people show up.  The rest of us go home to watch television.

I know this is a little convicting and a harsh way to get to the point I’m trying to make today, but it is what God gave me.  He wants us to read more from His word and from His teaching and place less significance on the opinions we hear on Fox News, MSNBC, or ESPN.





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