God’s doing 10,000 things

I love the phrase I heard John Piper say, “God is always doing 10,000 things in your life and you are only aware of 3 of them.”  That thought comes to mind when I think about what God does through my personal devotion/study/prayer time.  There’s hardly a day that passes that I do not have personal, private time with God.  Some times, often times, this time spent with Him comes at the expense of good things I could be doing for Him.

I was taught that a pastor’s sermon study time must not be substituted for his/her own personal study time.  I understand that if all the time a pastor is spending in study is sermon prep time, that is insufficient for his/her personal walk.  However, after 10 years as a preacher with my “ebbs and flows” in my personal time with the Lord, I have found that somewhere along the way He began to allow me to “double dip” on my personal study time.  Today, for example, I have been studying Isaiah 53.  I added a couple of notes to my Bible (90% of what you see in the photo was already there from previous study.)  And somewhere, not too far down the road, God may well give me an opportunity to share from the pulpit what I studied for my personal benefit this morning.

I’ve never really confessed this because it sort of goes against what I understood about separating the two.  However, Wayne Cordeiro in his book Divine Mentor, gave me comfort when he wrote that nearly every one of his sermons is birthed out of his personal study time.  I find this to be true as well.  And I think people can tell the difference between things I’ve studied and affect me personally verses what I have simply studied for a sermon.

I guess my purpose in writing this for you today is to encourage you to take time for personal study.  God will do more than you can ask or think through your time with Him.






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