Facebook knows everything about you

There’s a news article (real news) on CNBC’s web site about Facebook illegally selling advertisers information about people on Facebook.  Contrary to the agreement terms, they are selling advertisers information about teenagers’ emotional state.  Nearly all of you who are on FB have used one of the “emotion” labels – feeling stressed, nervous, anxious, happy, etc.  In Australia and New Zealand, Facebook analyzed that information and sold the information to advertisers who then were able to target teenagers with their products based on the teens’ emotional state.  I’ve never used the happy, happy, happy buttons or the crying face or whatever they are.  But I am not naive enough to think they are not analyzing every word.  They know if you curse, if you claim to be a Christian, and where you vacation.  They know practically everywhere you go.  All because we tell them.  Facebook and all the other social media applications only know what you let them know.  Some people live “off the social media grid” and the internet knows nearly nothing about them.

I could easily talk about Orwell’s book 1984 or talk about the Bible and the end times, but here’s were I am going today: God knows everything, and I mean everything, about you and me.  You do not have to tell Him a thing. He knows.  He knows everything about the people who share everything on Facebook and He knows everything about people who do not have Facebook.  Hebrews 4:13 starts, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from His sight…” 

And here is the good news for those who given their lives to Him through faith in Jesus as their Savior:  He overlooks everything you are ashamed of, everything you have done wrong, everything you have failed to do that you should have, every cross word, and anything else that you can think of.  He does not report it to anyone because there is no higher authority.  He forgives it and erases it from “your file”.  I love AW Tozer’s line that no hidden skeleton is going to come out of a closet and no tattle tale is going to be able to tell on us.

That’s good news for me.  There are so many ways I fail as a pastor.  There are so many people in the church I have let down.  And at other times I have placed the needs of the church over the needs of my wife and family.  I often feel unworthy to be a pastor.  I have literally cursed in the front yard when the &*^%^ wind blew my bacon off my plate.  I have complained, neglected, and questioned.  God knows it all.  And there is no condemnation for me.  He loves me anyway.

And there is good news for you.  He knows everything about you, too.  I do not have to list your faults and failures here.  I do not even know them.  But He does.  And for you who are saved by the blood of Christ, there is no condemnation for you from the only One who matters.  He forgives you.  He loves you.  Oh, how He loves you.  You and I need to love and forgive ourselves.

Please take a couple minutes to hear this great news in song:






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