Plenty of time?

There’s a printer in the church that is obviously just about to conk.  It makes a terrible noise and then it calms down and prints.  I know that one of these days it is going to quit working.  And since I am not a hip iPad preacher, I am going to be in trouble when it will not print my sermon.  It has been making the noise for quite some time.  Yet I just keep listening to the noise, and it keeps printing.  I could take action by buying a new printer, but that would mean buying new ink and I have two cartridges remaining on the shelf for this old printer.  Plus, the church computer does not use windows, but uses an operating system called Linux.  I can imagine it would be a hassle to get the new printer to work with this old computer.  I have plenty of excuses and act as if there is plenty of time to make the change.  One thing is for sure.  A change is needed.

Does the preceding phrase “…plenty of excuses and act as if there is plenty of time to make the change” remind you of anything?  It reminds me of people who act as if they have plenty of time to make a decision about Jesus.  There are a lot of people who know they need to change.  And for one reason or another they keep putting it off.  Of course, I could try to convince them by stressing their impending death and going to hell.  But what they fail to realize is that a life lived for Jesus is a life so much more rewarding than a life lived for selfish desires.  And if you are a follower of Christ and do not agree, you are not following close enough.

If Jesus did what they say He did, there’s nothing for you to do but to throw away everything and follow Him. If He didn’t, then enjoy the minutes you have left the best you can. ~ Flannery O’Connor





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