Does God want me to do it?

I remember about 15 years ago when our church was thinking about spending a lot of money.  The administrative board was talking about not having the money. Our pastor said,

“The question for the church is never, ‘Do we have the money?’  The question for the church is, ‘Would God have us do this?’  Because if God would have us do it, the money will be there.”

I have found that to be true over and over.  In 2010, Diane committed to go to Africa with me, not knowing how we would pay the $2,800, or whatever it cost.  With the help of the Mason UMC, the money was there so we could afford for her to go.  I have seen another person commit to a mission trip to Africa this summer, and the money for that trip has shown up.

Our church just committed about $40,000 to put a new gabled roof on the education wing.  And we have had two people already give a total of $15,000.  (In the photo, Denise is our finance person, not the donor).  Would God have us put a new roof on the church?  I believe He would.  If you already have all the money when you say yes to God, you do not need God to move in a mighty way.  Sometimes we must say yes, then trust Him.







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