Celebrating before the final victory

Sunday after the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Ottawa Senators 7-0, the Ottawa coach said, “We know they’re a better team. Everybody knows that on the planet. They’re the Stanley Cup champions. They’re the best team in the league. That’s no secret. We know to beat that team, we need to be at our very, very best. And we were not.”  If the Penguins win tonight, they win the series and go to the Stanley Cup championship series which begins next Monday.  The Senators coach was not just being honest, but was already looking to motivate his players for tonight’s game.  And perhaps he was trying to help the Penguins feel as if they already have the series won.  If the better team is too confident, sometimes that is an advantage for the underdog.

As I almost always do in my writings, I’m going to pivot us to Jesus and our situation as Christians.  The truth is that we who have put our faith in the resurrected Christ, we who have confessed our sins, and been forgiven by and made right with God, do not have to wait to celebrate.  We do not have to wait until the day Jesus comes back, nor do we have to wait until this life is over to do a “touchdown dance”.  We already have the victory. There will be no comeback from the devil.  Oh, he still wants to fight like he has a chance to win.  However, we know he loses in the end.  His goal now is to take others down with him.  Don’t let him accuse you or convince you that God does not love you, you are not worthy of love, or that God could not forgive you.  That is the devil lying to you.  The truth is that if you will or if you have trusted in Jesus for salvation, your victory is assured.  You are free to fight the good fight and finish the race, knowing that thanks to Jesus, you win.  And the feeling of victory does not have to wait until your life is over.  Let your attitude of victory begin today.

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:57

I invite you to listen to “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.  “Stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.”








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