All I can do is trust Him

About a month ago Diane and I were in Aldi’s grocery store and we watched a girl put a big, handwritten pink sign in the meat department.  When she walked away I went over and looked and it said “Chicken Thighs – $3.00 off per pack”.  As I looked closer, there were 8-10 thighs in a pack and ranged in price from the upper $2 to mid $3 per pack.  We bought 25-28 packs and our total cost was $10.  And we froze them.

Yesterday we cooked 5 packs of them in crock pots for chicken and gravy for our Wednesday night dinner this evening.  Last night about 9:00 Diane and I went to the church to pull the meat from them.  We finished about 10:15 and I was headed out the back door (pictured) with a pyrex container of the scraps (to throw in the weeds for the animals) and a big, full, trash bag for the trash company to take today.  As most things do, it happened quickly.  I tripped (either over the track for the retractable screen or over the trash bag) and with arms full, smashed forehead first into the wall.  My forehead is pretty roughed up.  The next time you see me, you will be one fewer person I have to explain this to.  For others, when they ask, I’m going to start singing Kenny Chesney’s “We went out last night”.

Every time something good or bad happens, I think about God.  The way I understand His Word, I believe He knows everything.  I do not believe He causes everything, but He certainly allows things to happen.  He can prevent anything, and sometimes He does prevent things and other times He allows things to run their course.  And He is not obligated to explain any of His reasons to you or me.  And in the midst of all His power and knowledge, He give us free will.

He knew when the girl put the chicken sale sign out a month ago that last night I was going to fall into that wall.  When I was born, He knew that when I was 55 I would not have the hair to hide the ugliness that is my forehead.  And He has a purpose for everything He does or does not do.  He has a purpose for everything He allows and everything He prevents.  And all you and I can do is trust Him, even if we are honest enough to admit that at times we wonder about His ways.







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