Trusting Him Part II

Yesterday’s blog post about buying chicken, running into walls, and God’s providence went viral compared to my usual blog posts.  I know why.  It’s because we all have the same questions.

The other night I went out and stood in the parking lot of the church, looking up at the stars, and asking myself and asking God about life, difficulties, eternal life, and anything else I could think of.  And He said….  That would be a good story if I were able to say, I heard Him say, “I’ve got this, don’t you worry or wonder what I’m doing.”  But I did not hear anything.  I was not overwhelmed with a peaceful feeling.  I just stood there looking up and wondering.

I told the Wednesday night crowd last night that I am not recanting my faith or having a crisis of faith.  There have been enough things that have happened in my life to know that God is at work even if He never does anything else in my life. I love the line in Brad Paisley’s song Today:  “…the memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life.”

But I understand skeptics and I am not critical of those who cannot bring themselves to believe.  I pray for them.  I remember one time being at the bedside of a sick person and I asked them what they thought happened after they died.  They said, “I think I will lay in a box and rot.”  The person still let me pray for them before I left and my prayer for them was that God would show Himself to them in a way that they could not deny it was Him.

God is so gracious that if we will give Him a chance, He will prove Himself.  And if you are reading this and you are a skeptic, all I can do is ask you to give Him a chance.  on the other hand, for those who would call themselves Believers, during the times that we wonder, we must remember His faithfulness from the past.  And this is not a new problem.  Moses told the Israelites the same thing:

 …don’t forget it was the Lord who set you free from slavery and brought you out of Egypt.~ Deuteronomy 6:12

Do not forget what the Lord has done in your life.





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