A problem that’s not going away

Late last night I was checking the church to see if my friend Andy had taken the trash out.  Andy is a Friends Aware client who helps us out by taking Wednesday dinner trash out on Thursday for Friday trash pickup.  When I walked in to the social hall and turned on the light, a bat began circling the room.  I ran out of the room.  I am seriously recovering from head trauma this week.  I am not interested in a new injury from chasing a bat or from the bat itself.  Thinking I saw the bat come out of the small furnace room in the corner of the social hall, I wondered if it would go back in there.  So I went back in, and after a dozen fly-bys it did and I ran as fast as I could and shut the door.  I put a note on the door so nobody would be caught unaware.  And now it’s morning.  The problem is not going away.  I know a decision has to be made about how to handle the bat situation.

I am reminded of all the people riding the fence about a decision regarding giving their lives to Jesus.  The last two days in my blog I addressed skeptics and doubters.  Today I am addressing people who are so close to being a Christian, but who have not completely committed.  In my experience, that is the most dangerous place to be.  The enemy can cunningly convince you that you are in a safe place with Jesus, when the truth is you are as far away as people who know they do not believe… because you have not made a decision to forsake the world for Christ.  You cannot be wholly committed to both.  The world is OK with your indecision and/or decision to split your devotion between the two.  God is not.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. ~ 1 John 2:15a







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