What you have earned

Yesterday the two medical members of our team worked at a medical clinic and most of the rest of us worked at a pharmacy counting and separating pills.

I was with our medical people when they were told that diabetes was a big problem here in Haiti and that people mostly get the diabetes drug metformin pills (which is the same drug I take).  My doctor told me that nearly all diabetics eventually move to insulin shots if they live long lives. My doctor is one of the doctors on this trip. He was told yesterday that insulin is so expensive here that they only subscribe it if the person has shown an effort to try and control their diabetes with diet, exercise, and weight loss. If the diabetic patients do not show any effort to control it, they will remain on the pills.  That means their. Lois sugar levels will remain high, their vision will eventually be impaired and their feet will eventually lose blood flow, along with other problems including death.  In America, of course, patients are moved to insulin when they need it, not having to “earn” the right to receive it. American diabetics are shown grace and receive insulin even if they have been poor patients on the pills.

Some people look at salvation with an “earn it” mentality.  God does not.  We are saved by grace.  Nobody can “earn” their salvation. This trip to Haiti, along with any of our good works and deeds, is merely a response to the grace we have already received from God. He gives grace abundantly, when the truth is none of us deserve it.





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