Sometimes it’s up to us to let God bring the good from our bad

Yesterday we went to the beach in Haiti.  It’s the best beach in the region. It truly looks just like other Caribbean beaches. But there are no tourists at the Haitian beach.  Nearly every white person who goes to this beach is here because they believe Jesus has sent them. Yesterday the only other white person there was the father of a girl killed in the earthquake. She was here as a Christian missionary. After her death, her father bought property and started an orphanage near the beach. He named it “Be like Brit” naming it for his daughter Brittany. They are feeding, teaching, and raising 62 kids to follow Christ. 

This morning I was reading Philippians when Paul wrote that his own misfortune was actually a blessing because it has led to the advance of the Good News of Jesus & the glory of God. 

Paul, like Brittany’s dad did, and like you and me do, basically had two choices when bad things happened to him. One option would be to pout, feel sorry for himself, question God as if God has forsaken him or punished him, and go so far as to turn from God or turn to false gods, including in our own society – drugs and alcohol, or here in Haiti – voodoo.  The other option was to discover ways in which God might be working and molding him, and then walk that path, no matter how difficult, trusting God that if you continue to believe and follow Him, that you will see Him work through the pain, and perhaps even eventually allowing you to see some of the good He brings out of it. 





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