Giving up on God

We got in at 10:00 Saturday night from a week in Haiti.  When I go on mission trips, I like to keep things as normal as possible at the church, which is why I was led to do the bulletin Sunday morning so the people who like to have a bulletin would have one.  The printer has been on its last leg for 6 months or more.  It would not print the bulletin.  I tried everything.  So I used white out on last week’s bulletin, and wrote in the new information for this week and then used the copier to print it.  It took me about 20 minutes to copy and fold them.  I am not kidding, the moment I got done, the printer printed the bulletin.  I looked at the printer program and it said it had taken 21 minutes.  I said earlier I tried everything, but the truth is I guess I tried everything but waiting.

It is a reminder to me that one of the harder things about being a follower of Jesus is God’s timing.  I often do not understand His timing.  I am assuming that you whispered “amen” right there.  Yesterday morning in church I spoke of His timing through the Holy Spirit, and specifically about His timing during our trip in Haiti.  There is so much more we could all have said.

It is wonderful when our will matches His will.  But so often, He does not do what I want when I want Him to do it.  And more importantly, I can imagine Him thinking the same about me: Too often I do not do what He wants when He wants me to do it.

It is good when we can hang in there when we are the ones waiting on God.  It is not good to keep Him waiting on you.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. ~ Psalm 27:14






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