Humble yourselves

From Sunday’s sermon:

God’s grace is nothing we can earn. While it sounds way too easy, it is really the most difficult thing to do in our society. Because it takes humility. Nearly everyone in our society wants to feel important. That’s why one person can get their way. One person threatens the board of education and “Silent Night” is removed from the elementary school Christmas choir concert. And one person can have the name of the Christmas concert changed to “Winter Solstice Concert”.

Do you remember when people in the parking lot at the mall used to watch out for the cars backing out? Now how does it work? The cars have to watch out for the people walking. People rarely give a thought to walking behind a car that has backup lights on. They assume the car will stop for them.

In order to be saved, God requires us to humble ourselves, admit our failings, and place our faith in Him. And then we must be willing to be changed. And it is His grace that allows us to have this kind of faith.

If we believe there is nothing wrong with us and we do not need to change, then it is impossible to believe we need a Savior.

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