Too much to do means extra time in prayer

There’s a famous quote from about 500 years ago from theologian Martin Luther.  He is purported to have said he had so much to do on a certain day that he must spend the first three hours of that day in prayer.  I understand that may sound counter productive.  I also admit that it might depend upon what it is one has to do.  We’re having a new roof put on the church.  The guys begin at 6 a.m. and quit about 1 p.m. in order to avoid working on the roof in the hottest parts of the day.  I will be the first to admit that praying from 6 to 9 a.m. might not be the wisest move for them.

Luther may or may not have literally meant what he said.  Regardless, I get his point.  When you spend time in prayer, it is not wasted time.  Prayer = Power.  Prayer = Peace.  Prayer = Insight.  This all comes to mind for me this morning as I spend time with God through prayer, Bible reading, and listening to a sermon.  I’m spending this time connecting with God as I like to do.  And some might think since I need to prepare this week for a funeral, a wedding, and next Sunday’s sermon, that I might be better off getting directly into preparing for those things.  And the truth is, I am.  Through personal prayer, Bible reading, and listening to a sermon.  Daily time with God will better equip me to do the work He has for me this week.





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