Getting down to their level

I do not have time for this blog today with a hospital patient to visit and then later in the day a wedding to officiate, but this is important for somebody because God has put this on my heart.

This picture was on Facebook.  It is a pastor friend of mine “battling” a little girl at a water park.  Since you cannot see the little girl’s face, I took the picture off Facebook for this illustration.  When she is wet and he is dry, she cannot lose that battle no matter how much he sprays her, and he cannot win no matter how much he sprays her. When we stoop to the level of those who would drag us down, they win.  When we dislike them as much as they dislike us, they cannot lose and we cannot win.  When we let miserable people make us miserable, they win and we lose.  As followers of Christ, we win when we overcome evil with good.  We win when we refuse to hold a grudge.  Someone may consider you their enemy, but you lose when you stoop to considering them your enemy.  There is nothing you can do about what others do or how they act.  We are only have the power to control how we act and react.  And if you find it difficult to live this way, it is because it is difficult.  But with God, all things are possible.  It is the Holy Spirit that give us the ability to have the self control to honor Jesus and have peace in the midst of difficult people and a lost world.






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One Response to Getting down to their level

  1. LIsa Ohlinger says:

    Amen Pastor Scott! Glad You Found Time To Post That! MIss You!
    LIsa Ohlinger

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