How quickly we forget

Yesterday I was baking some cookies for the guys working on the church.  The timer on my phone went off and they needed two more minutes.  Since I would not be leaving the kitchen, I did not set the timer for two minutes.  Well, you guessed it.  About 8 minutes later I yelled to myself, “The Cookies!!!”  While they were not ruined, they were too dark, and most certainly a little crispy.  It is really unbelievable how we can walk in to another room to get something and forget what we went after, or how we can be in the kitchen and in less than two minutes forget to watch the cookies.

One pastor always said, “I can forget all about God in 24 hours.”  He said this to remind people to read their Bible every day.  In reality, we can forget about God in two minutes.  When temptation strikes, we can quickly forget about His instructions and plans, and our identity as His children.  When life is pretty good and life is busy, we quickly forget Him.

I love it that He has given me the ability to recognize His glory and give me lessons in everyday things.  I know that part of that comes from consistently “keeping my antennas up” and looking for Him and His ways.  Not that I have achieved it, but I do try to see God at work in every situation and every seemingly trivial matter– even forgetting the cookies in the oven!






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