When we think God needs us

A friend of mine from the southern US today told me he was worried about some people he had been witnessing to and working with.  My friend is going to Belize next week and he is probably worried about leaving behind people who are suffering addiction.  What if one of them dies while he is gone?  It is a valid concern.  I remember a person on one of our SP mission trips that had shared his regret that he did not do enough to intervene in the life of someone who took his own life.  Sometimes the old line, “You are the only hands and feet God has in the world” puts too much pressure on us.

I must always remember that God has done fine without me for a long time before I showed up on the scene and and He will still be doing fine when my life here is over.  That does not mean that He does not have work for me.  I am convinced He does.  But everything is dependent upon Him, not dependent on me.  He does not need me, I need Him.  He also knows when I am going to make mistakes and when I am not going to do what He wishes me to do.  And He never looks at Jesus and asks, “Oh great, Scott has let me down. What am I going to do now?”

There is a balance between schlepping off the work He has for us and putting too much pressure on ourselves.  You and I are an important part of His plan.  We live out our faith, doing our best to follow Him & realizing every good thing that comes from our obedience or disobedience is always up to God.




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