Inconsiderate Believers

On a Samaritan’s Purse mission trip, lights out is 10 pm and lights on is at 6 am. Regarding the lights on, I take that to mean that lights are not to come on before 6 am. I do not take that to mean the lights MUST come on at 6 am.  I got up at 6 this morning but my roommate in the men’s bunk room (there are only 2 men on this trip) is still asleep. I did not turn the lights on. He will probably not get up until 6:40 so I will not go back in the room, let alone turn the lights on while he is still asleep. I don’t say this to brag about how thoughtful I am. It just seems like common decency. 

I’m amazed at how many times on my numerous trips that someone takes it upon themselves to be the light monitor, faithfully flipping on the 48 fluorescent bulbs at 6:00 on the dot, while 2 or 6 people are still in bed asleep. Perhaps they think they are being faithful to rules. I’m not sure what they’re thinking. The same goes for those who let the door slam instead of gently closing it. 

As a Believer and follower of Jesus, I truly believe we are called to treat others how we wish they would treat us. (Luke 6:31). Society calls this the “golden rule”. If I was the one (and I often have been) asleep until 6:30 for whatever reason, I do not want the lights to be flipped on at 6. Therefore, if I am up at 6 and my brother is asleep, I should not be turning the lights on. If it gets to be 6:55 and since breakfast is at 7, I will go wake my roommate up, because that’s what I would want him to do for me (I’ve done this for Michael Nelson and Jacob Kneeland before). 

If someone is lost and/or caught up in sin, the “golden rule” is the same reason I must lovingly call them out on it. It is Bibilcal, and I would not want them to let me go to hell without warning. 





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