Something happened

I’m pretty sure we had a bear in our trash last night.  It’s the first time in 4+ years that a trash bag has been pulled out and drug toward the woods.  We have a pretty deep box for the trash.  Small animals have gotten in it plenty of times, but this time it was different.  Something unusual happened.  It was a large animal or a team of squirrels.  And while squirrels are pretty ingenuitive, there’s no way they did this. I picked up the trash and put it in a new bag and also re-bagged the two other bags left in the bin that were rummaged through.  One thing is for sure, there is evidence that something happened last night. This has bear written all over it.

It reminds me of the change in my life that happened and keeps happening because of Jesus gaining more and more control over my life.  I know others who have the same experience, people with friends and relatives knowing that something different in going on in their lives.  My observation is this: If there is no evidence, then more than likely nothing has happened.  There is proof that something happened in my yard last night.

My Father is glorified by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be My disciples. ~ John 15:8






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