Time to blog and time to read it

I have a beloved friend in Montana who will be happy to know I am alive.  Nearly any time I go a week and a half without blogging, I get an email from her.  It is hard for me to blog on my phone.  A lot has happened in the last 10 days.

Diane and I used some vacation days to go to Moundsville, WV last week to cook for Samaritan’s Purse volunteers and staff, including Billy Graham Evangelical Association chaplains.  SP was responding to flash flooding in Marshall County, WV and Shadyside, OH.  Between the testimony of volunteer workers in the orange shirts and the witness of BGEA chaplains, over 30 people gave their lives to Jesus last week in the Marshall County, WV area.  It was worth our time to feed the folks who were feeding the community the Gospel.

Time is the most precious thing we have on this earth.  Once I was on the phone with someone for over 30 minutes when they said to me, “I have never asked you for anything and you have never given me anything.”  I said, “I have just given you 30 minutes of my time.  It is the most precious thing I have on this earth.”

I am aware, as the theological leader of Wesley Chapel in Short Gap, that the people who come on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are spending their time.  That inspires me to give them something of God to challenge and/or encourage them each week.  I am aware that you who read my blog posts are spending your time.

This coming Saturday I have a choice of three ways to spend my time.  And a fourth way is not out of the question.  There is a UMC district picnic, the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company is having their gun bash, and a young man I know is having a wedding reception for a wedding he and his new wife had a week ago.  Right now, I am planning to spend my time at the wedding reception.

This morning I have been spending time cooking lunch for the Union Rescue Mission.  I’ll be leaving for there in an hour.  How are you spending your time?





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