Come to our Yard sale

At the risk of discouraging purchases at our big, big, big yard sale tomorrow (and Monday) from 7-2, today I am reminded that everything on this earth is temporary. Everything except us.  We live in this world like it is a competition to gain the most possessions: “Whoever dies with the most stuff, wins.”  The truth is, everything we have is the stuff of future garage sales and garbage dumps…. everything we have.

We are not temporary.  We were created for eternity.  The Bible tells us that we were created by God, that we turned away from the One who created us, that He made a way to come back to Him (Jesus), and that we will all live forever with Him (heaven), or without Him (hell) based upon our decision regarding Jesus.

So come to the yard sale, it is for a good cause.  But remember what matters is not what you buy, but what you decide about the gift of salvation that God offers you that is already paid.





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