It is not a bad thing to wrestle in life

I started a blog post that turned into a sermon for Sunday.  Here’s a snippet:

I wrestle with God and I wrestle with how to explain my understanding of God through His own Word, sometimes even feeling the need to apologize for Him.  I listened to a Matt Chandler sermon this past week.  I paused it to begin a blog post that turned into today’s sermon. At the beginning of the sermon Chandler opened with prayer for Houston, as it was in the middle of Hurricane Harvey.  Chandler prayed that God would intervene and cause the hurricane to dissipate.  That was a good request. Even as we meet today (to be delivered Sunday), Hurricane Irma is landing in Florida. And we pray that God causes the hurricane to do little or no damage.

As Chandler was praying, I thought that he could have also used the word “relent”, saying  “God I pray that you would relent and cause the storm to dissipate.”  Intervene makes it sound like God is not responsible for the hurricane – that there is a force, be it evil or nature, that is bringing about the hurricane.  Relent makes it sound like God is responsible for the hurricane.  To define relent is this: “to abandon cruelty”. And I wrestle with this.






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