Which plants will thrive

If today was Saturday and I was going to preach tomorrow, I know what I would love to preach about.  Odds are that it will change, but right now for personal Bible reading, God has led me to Mark 4 and the seed thrower, otherwise known as the sower.  The sower throws seeds on the ground not knowing which ones will grow.

This parable is explained by Jesus – that the seed is the Word of God and sometimes it sets in roots and grows and other times it dies off quickly.  I do not know about other preachers, but I know I see that in my own proclamation of the Word of God.  In some people it takes root and they are changed.  As AW Tozer says in Rut, Rot, Revival, “Every once in a while there appears an awakened soul”.

It is the same in my office with my plants.  I often talk about plants in my blog posts.  I have a pineapple plant that is every bit of 4 feet across.  I cut the top green part off a pineapple and let it root in water, then planted it.  I’ve had it for well over 2 years.  I always try to save plants and multiply plants.  One Sunday I gave over 120 spider plants away in church when I talked about Christians sharing the Gospel and Christianity multiplying.

I cannot imagine poor Jeremiah in the Bible, preaching for years without a convert.  God is gracious that as I continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, I see some “seed” of God’s Word take root and flourish.  The thing is, you never know which soil the seed will fall upon. And you never know when bad soil might have lied fallow, been tilled and fertilized, and has become good soil.  You never know when the seed will take.  There is plenty of seed.  Keep sowing.  I know I will.





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