I can’t wait to see what God does now

The other day these nail files showed up in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox room.  Someone has obviously had them for a while.  They have Kelly Springfield on them.  The Kelly Springfield tire company used to be in Cumberland and closed 30 years ago.  They have been in storage for some time, but the time is right for them to be shared with 15-18 year old young ladies throughout the world in the shoeboxes.

You have heard the phrase, “timing is everything”.  God’s timing is something that is hard for me to accept sometimes. In life and in death, through the good and the bad, God’s timing is perfect.  His timing for these fingernail files is perfect.  I frequently think about the fact that at any given moment, God has known about that moment since before there was time.  He knows who will read this blog post today.  He knows which of the children at the local day care centers in the area will be helped by the Travis Phillip Moreland Recovery Center in 12 years. He knows which teenagers will find help at the Union Rescue Mission in 10 years.  He knows the day I am going to die.  He knows your heartache and heartbreak.  He knows every church’s struggles and every pastor’s struggles and every church attenders’ struggles.  He knows everything.  And His ways and his timing is perfect.  Romans 5:6 begins, “When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time…”  He knows the plans He has for these nail files and for me and for you.  Sometimes the plans have us in a holding pattern and sometimes His plans are to go.

He knows His plans for Emily.  Emily is a young lady in church here Sunday for the first time, the guest of another young lady in our church. My sermon was about being the salt and light from Matthew 5:16-18.  And in talking about Jesus calling His followers to make a difference in the world, I asked Emily if that wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life.  She shook her head affirming that she wants her life to make a difference.  I want my life to make a difference.  I want to lead a church that makes a difference.  All for the glory of Jesus.

This past Sunday I told some people that I cannot wait to see what God does now.  I believe He has placed people and positioned our church for a time such as this.  I said I believe He has brought in the right people to accomplish His purposes through Wesley Chapel Short Gap.

I just get the feeling it is time.








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