The grace in falling short

We’ve been having the church kitchen remodeled.  Yesterday it had progressed to the new kitchen sink and a range being ready to use.  Someone was in the kitchen and asked why the painting did not go all the way to the new counter top.  I told them that there will be a formica back splash that will be covering the part that had not been painted.  Once the back splash is installed, it will cover up the unpainted area and it will no longer be visible.

It is a reminder to me that nothing I do or do not do will surprise God today.  He is not waiting to see what I do or what I say.  He already knows it all – the good and the bad.  He knows all the ways I will glorify Him and all the ways I will fail Him.  As Jesus hung on the cross paying for my sins, every sin that I ever committed and every sin I will ever commit was covered by His blood.  By God’s grace, through my faith in Him, He covers me with forgiveness.  His grace is sufficient.

I do not go into the day knowing I have permission to do and say whatever I want, and to live however I want.  But I do go into this day knowing I have permission to fail in my efforts to live a holy life, knowing it is covered by the grace of God.





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