People like that

There is a trail between Martin’s grocery store and Patrick’s Pub.  The downtown Martin’s has been the store I frequented most in the last 4+ years that I have lived in Short Gap.  I always saw people walking on that trail, but never knew where they were coming from or where they were going.  When Diane and I walk in Cumberland, we often park on Baltimore Street and walk in different directions.  Sometimes we walk along the railroad tracks, past the Union Rescue Mission.  While most people avoid that area, we are quite familiar with it, having friends and acquaintances there (we were at the Mission yesterday).  We usually turn around at Martins, not going so far as the trail on the other side of Martin’s.  Once we walked past Martin’s, walked the trail and kept going, finding out it goes to low income housing.  I remember Diane asking, “How did I not know this was here?”  While most people who live in the area would already know this, we did not.

When I said most people avoid the Union Rescue Mission area, I now also realize that very few people choose to walk that trail.  People who do, do so out of necessity.  And when I took that picture Saturday knowing I was going to blog about it, I did not know the “gotcha’ or the lesson God would give me to share with you. I only felt led to take the picture.  Even as I began the blog post today, I did not have it.  The Spirit just gave it to me as I began this paragraph.  I am convinced that if Jesus were alive today, He would insist that He and his disciples spend some time on that trail.  The people we avoid are people Jesus would have gone out of His way to interact with.








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