Getting ready

This morning into early afternoon I spent several hours cleaning the church kitchen, social hall, and utility room.  The women of the church will be doing a dinner for a memorial service Saturday and Wilison Oil is coming to do yearly maintenance on the furnace in the utility room.

With our Wednesday community dinners, the kitchen is used a lot with cooking, baking,  and serving 75 or so people each week. But this will be the first time the women have been in the kitchen since the remodel was complete a few weeks ago.  I knew it needed some TLC.  And the utility room is a chronic mess, always in need of attention.  Knowing the furnace worker needed room made it necessary to get that done as well.

It is handy when we know something or someone is coming.  We can prepare.  You already know where I am going, don’t you?  Most people live life like they are never going to stand before the God of Creation and give an account of their lives.  Most people live life as if they have 100 years left on earth.  Time is ticking.  Blessed is the man or woman who is ready to die and face their Maker.  Only then are we truly ready to live for Him.





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