Where to find Free Wifi

This morning someone was parked in front of the church for a few minutes.  They had their head down looking at their phone. And they were not just parked in the church lot, which is common, but they had pulled up close to the church, which is also common.  We have free wifi in and near the church that does not require a password.  Four to six times a week I see someone pull close to the church, sit for a while, and then leave.  For people who do not have data or data left on their phones, the free wifi is a lifeline.  Many from our church know the feeling from mission trips to Haiti, where they do not have service, but can communicate with loved ones (and check Facebook) when they are able to get on wifi.

Seeing the car brought to mind something that grabbed me this morning from the book of John.  The phrase “grace after grace” from John 1:16 jumped out at me today.  The HCSB reads, “Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness,”  The NLT puts it this way, “From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.”  And finally, “His fullness” or “his abundance” can be understood in the original Greek, “His supply”.  You could think of it this way, “From His supply, we receive grace upon blessing upon grace upon blessing.”

Do you see how  I am tying the two preceding paragraphs together?  Knowing Jesus is like knowing where the free wifi is.  It is our lifeline.  He is our lifeline.  He is our grace upon grace.  If you had a friend who needed free wifi and you knew where they could get it, you would surely tell them, wouldn’t you?






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