What God is going to do with the seeds

Yesterday I was at the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  They have 184 benches, one for each innocent who lost their lives on that day, and 85 Crape Myrtle trees that will each eventually grow up to 30 feet tall to provide shade on hot summer days.  While there, I did research on the trees because they had berries on them, some of which had already dried up and I could tell they held seeds.  I read that you plant the dried seeds in soil in the spring and they should sprout in about two weeks.  At the nudging of the Holy Spirit, and with some consternation from my wife, I gathered a couple dozen of the pods from the trees.  And I do not have a clue why I was to pick them.  They will remain in a zip lock bag in my desk until God gives me further instructions.

God might have me plant them and give them out during a sermon next year as He did with some spider plants a couple years ago. I gave away 150 spider plants in church when I talked about disciples who make disciples, each of the 150 I had planted and nurtured from the same parent plant.  He may have me use them in our church’s efforts to see people in addiction brought from death to life.  But in reality, at this time I do not have a clue what He is going to do with them.  They may well be for a project He has not even put on my/our radar yet.

These seeds are a reminder to me and I hope to you, that we are to be obedient today.  We do not need to know what He wants us to do tomorrow or next week or next year.  In my experience, if He told me what He had for me and/or the church for next year, I would not believe Him today.  I would likely be a stumbling block to the implementation of His plan.  Yesterday He wanted me to harvest seeds, and I did.  And now I wait to see why.






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