The best cabins on the cruise ship to hell

This morning Diane took the van to an Operation Christmas Child training and to pick up supplies for our church to be a drop off location.  All the van windows were covered with moisture to the point that I could not see to move the van close to the garage to remove the bench seats, so I rolled down the windows.  Later when Diane came to the van (she was not leaving yet), she asked why I had the windows down and she rolled them up because it was cold out.  I laughed and told her it was the same temperature inside and outside of the van so until she got in and started the van in a few minutes it did not matter if the windows were up or down.

It made me think of an illustration that may serve you well.  I went to the mission last night to serve desserts that we had left over from some funeral dinners at the church.

  • There were 60+ people at the mission.  Some of them are saved and going to heaven.  Some of them are not and are headed to hell if they don’t come to Jesus.
  • Tomorrow I will preach a sermon before 100+ people in church.  Some of them are saved and going to heaven.  Some of them are not and are headed to hell if they don’t come to Jesus.

The unsaved people in any church tomorrow have this mistaken idea that they are in better standing with God than people at the mission or people who live on the streets.  We act as if our possessions and social standing is the scorecard for how we are doing with God.

The truth is the unsaved people in church tomorrow, who drove to church in a $45,000 Dodge Ram, are in more dire straits than the saved people at the mission or the saved people living under a bridge.  Lost people are lost people and saved people are saved people.  Lost people in Haiti, lost people at homeless shelters, and lost people in the American church are all on their way to hell.  It is as if they are all on a big ship headed to hell and having the better cabin, the one with a balcony and private hot tub, gives some a false sense of security.  What they do not realize is the destination will be the same.  Some just have a more comfortable ride along the way.  The irony is, the people who have the worst cabins might be the most likely to want to get off the ship hell bound ship.





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