Appreciating every trash bag

We buy trash bags at Sam’s Club for the church.  We do not have a Sam’s near us and I do not have a card, so I rely on others to buy them.  For those reasons, when we do get low on bags, I find someone who is going to Sam’s and have them pick up between 6 and 8 boxes, which is a lot of trash bags.  We have 2 main trash cans in the kitchen/social hall, and this morning I was going to take the contents out for the trash truck that would soon be coming.  Each can/bag was about half full.  My first instinct was to take out and replace both bags.  After all, I know we have about 4-5 boxes of bags in the storage room.  Then this thought came to my mind:  What would I do if we had 4-5 trash bags left instead of 4-5 cases?  You know the answer.  I would dump the contents of one into the other and only replace one bag.  So that is what I did.  Is the bottom of the one left a little messy?  Yes.  But it will get filled up tomorrow when we prepare food for the mission tomorrow night.

The abundance we are so used to is absurd.  We have never ending pasta bowls (going on now at Olive Garden) and unlimited data on phones.  We turn on the hot water faucet letting the water run down the sink until it gets warm and never think about where the water comes from or how precious it really is.  And if you are starting to feel bad for taking everything for granted, that is not where I am headed today.  I want you to realize that most of our earthly lives, we treat today just like we treat the water and all the rest.  We rarely think about and appreciate today.  We act as if we have a million more ahead of us.  While I know those of us who are saved by the blood of Jesus do have eternity ahead of us, God has still gifted us today.  I pray I do not get to the end of this earthly life thinking I had not been grateful for every one of them, including today.





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1 Response to Appreciating every trash bag

  1. Judy James says:

    I love your insight. I miss you on Wednesday nights when I can’t get out there. I would go even if you didn’t serve dinner. Thank you and your wife for the amazing things you do that we see and what we have no clue you are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless you abundantly.

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