Prayers for Texas

An actor is taking some heat on twitter for mocking prayer.  He said if “prayers did anything, they’d still be alive.”  He does not understand prayer.  I have prayed thousands of prayers that seemingly were not answered.  I have prayers awaiting an affirmative response from God even as I type this.  When we think the sole purpose of prayer is to have things our way with the God of Creation, we confuse Him with a genie in a bottle.

I had an insightful reading from Oswald Chambers.  In Matthew 6:8, Jesus says, “Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.”  Then why ask?  Why pray?  Chambers says the point of prayer should not be simply to get what we want from God.  The point of prayer should be perfect and complete oneness with Him.  If we pray simply for affirmative answers, then we will become irritated and angry with God and only pray in emergency situations.

We tend to say “God is good” the times God answer our requests in the way we wanted, but the truth is that God is always good, even if the prayer is not answered in the time or method or with the positive results we asked for.  God is good no matter how “bad” our requests turn out.  God is good even though this horrible mass murder occurred.  God is good even though the walkers and bicyclists in New York were run over. God is good even though the Las Vegas shooting happened.  Sometimes this is nearly impossible to believe in the midst of the most horrible situations.  If we pray consistently and become one with God before the faith testing times come, I believe we can better believe it in the valleys of our country and in the valleys of our own lives.

The problem is many who do an internet search for, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?” are probably in a crisis and can’t see it right now.  If that’s you, start praying and continue to pray your way through it and when you’re through it and time has passed, don’t stop praying.

So pray for Texas.  Do not just put it on your twitter or facebook.  Really pray for Texas.  In doing so, you really are praying for God to act.  Pray for God to give the people there comfort and hope.  By all means, pray.  But be aware you are not just praying so that God will do something in Texas, but so He will do something in you.






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