Today a week from now or a week ago

Last night Diane went in to the radio station to record some morning spots about Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection, which begins next week, with our friend and local radio personality Pat Sullivan from Magic 100.5.   I do not suppose I am giving away any radio secrets when I say they were recording spots for next week. When Pat was interviewing Diane for a spot he will be running Monday morning, the kickoff of shoebox collection week, they had to talk like it was Monday morning, which was really three days away.  When either one of them said something wrong (which they both did), Pat was not worried because he will edit that.  If one of them said, “Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church” wrong in one spot, Pat can dub that in from another spot, even from another day they recorded.  He can also take out any of the “uhhhh” sounds when Diane was thinking of the next thing to say.  When it is played on Monday morning, it will sound great.

I do not bring this up to ruin your Monday morning listening, but it is a reminder to me that God is not confined by time or space.  When Scripture says “the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting”, it is saying God’s love for you has already spanned eternity, from before the day he said, “Let there be light”.  You did not just come into existence and then begin to receive His love, but He loved you before you were born, and even before your parents were born.  He loved you before you were you.  His love for you, therefore, cannot be based on your performance, but is based on who He is.  He is love.  And His desire is for you to love Him and be reconciled to Him through His gift of Jesus.  For He so loved you that He sent His only begotten Son, so that you need not perish.  Not only has He loved you from eternity, but He will love You into eternity.

“How deep the Father’s love for us that He should give His only Son and make a wretch His treasure.”






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