What’s your mood?

The UMC has a fitness tracking program for pastors and their spouses.  Diane and I have a pedometer and an online program that we load our steps and activities to.  Not only does it keep track of our steps and activities, but it asks us how much we slept and what kind of mood we are in.  And we get points for it all.  Every three months we can each earn $40.  One of the questions I answer each day is, “What is your mood?”  A vision of Mrs. Potato Head telling Mr. Potato Head she packed his angry eyes comes to mind from the first Toy Story movie, but I digress.  I always click on the smile face from the bottom left hand corner of the options.  We have been in this program for about three years and nearly every day for three years I have clicked on the smile face.  The only days I have not is when I have forgotten to participate that day.

Undoubtedly, there have been days I could have easily clicked the angry face, sad face, or frazzled face.  There have been days I dreaded, days I cried through prayer, and days I wondered what it would be like leaving the ministry as a pastor.  Yet, every day for three years I have had a choice to make when it comes to, “What’s your mood”.  Whatever the days have held, and whatever today and tomorrow holds, for a moment when I click the smile, I remind myself that I am a grateful child of the King, saved by the blood of the Lamb, and I have an eternity with Him awaiting me… and well, that makes me smile.  That warms my heart.  That makes the challenges of yesterday, today, and tomorrow bearable.  And because of that, I can click on the smile once again today.

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