Duping speed detection

There are rubber hoses going across our local roads here in upper Mineral County.  As a general rule, where there is one line, they are counting vehicles.  When there are two lines, they are checking the speeds of the vehicles.  I do not know for sure, but I assume they are checking speeds to see if they need more enforcement of the speed laws (aka more police cars shooting radar or even a photo speed enforcement device that just mails tickets).  When I am driving 45 in a 40 zone, I admit I hit the brakes and slow down to the speed limit when I cross those.  Even though they have no clue who is driving over them, I want the DOH or whoever has those things out to believe I am driving the speed limit, even when the truth is that I have been driving over the limit.  And they really have no way of knowing I am deceiving them.

And now the shift.  You who are faithful readers of my blog know I take something like the speed checks and move them to something Biblical.  Do you already know where I am going with this?  We tend to go through life deceiving people, including fooling ourselves.  And if you disagree, you are fooling yourself right now.  We even fool ourselves into thinking we can fool God.  I just want to remind you and me that one day, everything we have ever thought, said, and done will be laid bare before the One who created us.  That is the bad news.  The Good News is that we will not be judged for any of those things if we have confessed faith in and done our best to follow Jesus.  We do not have to try to fool God.





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