You answer for you

As I took a picture this morning to advertise the TPM Resource Recovery Center and the OCC Shoebox dropoff location both going on today, a memory and a lesson from the Lord popped into my mind.  The memory is when I was talking to someone who was against the center opening here.  The person said, there are so many people around who can see who is coming and going that there is no anonymity for the people coming to the meetings and the center.  It just occurred to me that the church is so busy that it actually lends to anonymity.  Nobody knows why any individual is walking in to the church precisely because there is so much going on.  Is that car here for the food pantry, shoeboxes, the dinner, to make Easter eggs, or for the recovery center?  You see what I mean?  And the truth is, the person was not worried about anyone’s anonymity.  They were looking to make arguments against having the center opened here.

Which leads me to the lesson from the Lord.  Sometimes we make arguments about others to take the attention off ourselves.  For example, when we talk about Jesus and heaven and hell and obedience and disobedience, I have often hear the argument:

“What about the person who has never heard the Gospel? Will they go to hell? That does not seem fair.”

My answer is that God will figure that out.  The person posing that question is not really concerned about the person who has never heard of Jesus.  They are trying to excuse their own disobedience or doubt.  The thing that matters is the person saying this has heard the name of Jesus, and they have no excuse.

This is not a feel good blog today.  This is a self examination blog today.  I am asking myself and I hope you will ask yourself:

  • Do I excuse my sin by by comparing myself to others?
  • Do I accept responsibility for my own actions or blame others?
  • Am I truly following Jesus?

You are the only one you have to answer for.





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