It’s what you do when nobody is watching

Sometimes Diane goes to the Y.  Sometimes she walks on the treadmill in our basement. Sometimes she goes around the church parking lot.  Sometimes she walks out Georges Run Road.  Sometimes she skips… no I do not mean skips around the parking lot.  I mean she does not exercise that day.  It is hard to exercise every day.  It is an eye opener when you go spend 30-45 minutes on an elliptical machine and see you only burned 400 calories.  That is about the calorie count of a medium McDonald’s french fry.  It is a lot easier to eat an order of french fries than exercise on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes.

We usually think of things like this as “in the habit” or “out of the habit” or “going through spells”.  I have been “in the habit” of stopping at Little Caesar’s for pizza.  I have been in the habit of doing daily devotions.  I go through spells of faithful blogging and I go through short spells of not posting.  I go through spells of kneeling in prayer at the altar.  I never go through spells of missing church, but some people do.

It is good to take inventory once in a while.  What are you doing that is good?  What are you doing that is not beneficial for you?  What do you need to get back to? What do you need to get away from?  How is it with your soul?







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