The sun in the window

This morning I noticed the sun was coming in the window of the church basement door and shining straight down the hall.  It rarely does that.  When I think about the sun, I always have to remind myself that the sun does not move in relation to the earth, but the earth moves in relation to the sun.  We spin around the sun that is 93 million miles away.  As amazing as that is, even more so is the thought that the earth tilts causing the seasons to change and the temperature to vary so much here in West Virginia from winter to summer.  While some people think the warmth of summer is because the earth is closer to the sun in the summer, it is the tilt.  You can read more about it here from NASA.

We are so self centric that we tend to think of the sun changing.  The sun is shining the same in the summer as it is in the winter and in the day as it is in the night.  The sun does not change, the earth changes.  As the earth changes (tilts and spins) we have our day and night and we have our seasons.

Thinking of this makes me see God and our society differently.  We judge God by how we feel.  We act as God and His Word change as our society changes.  It is one thing to not believe in God or His Word.  It is an entirely different thing to say we believe in Him and His Word, yet believe He has changed because things are changing around us.  I am not saying I am right about things and anyone else is wrong.  I am simply reminding myself and you that we can’t go by what anyone else says or even how we feel.  That all changes over time.  We have to go back to God’s Word to know what is right and wrong and how we should live.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. ~ Hebrews 13:8





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