You can find free wifi here

I love it when people park at the front of the church to connect to the internet.  We have wifi at the church that does not require a password.  I always check when I go to other churches to see if they have open access to wifi, not requiring a password.  My motto regarding this is, “Nothing says welcome like a locked wifi system.”  Several times a week people pull up to the church for free wifi.  I took this picture yesterday of someone using the free wifi.

I have been purposely repeating the term “free wifi” in the last couple of sentences to take you to today’s lesson.  The wifi is far from free.  The church pays Atlantic Broadband a costly sum for internet and phone service.  We do not even have cable and our bill is $158.29 a month.  While people who come to the church for the wifi might think of it as “free”, a price was paid for it.  It is just not paid by the people who park out front and use it.  We are happy to provide this service to the community, to high school students who have banquets at the church, and to church attenders.

And I am sure some of you can see the correlation between this and salvation.  The biggest stumbling block to salvation  (being made right with God) for some people is that it seems to easy.  Just say yes?  Free gift?  That is too easy if it does not cost anything.  If there is no cost, what can it be worth?  Oh, but it did cost.  It cost dearly.  It cost Jesus beating, suffering, ridicule, and torture to death on the cross.  While people might think of salvation as “free”, a price was paid for it.  Thanks be to God it is just not paid by the people who use it.





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