Life goes on until it doesn’t

In the past seven days I did two funerals.  When a death occurs, a family is rocked, friends and acquaintances pause, and the rest of the world goes on like nothing happened.  As the saying goes, “Life goes on”, even though it seems to stand still for the aching hearts who just suffered the loss of their loved one.  But life does and must move forward.

Decorating the church for Advent/Christmas happened this week, just as it does every year.  It looks amazing, as it does every year.  We will have church Sunday just as this body of believers has for the last 100+ years.  The people decorating have changed, the preacher has changed, the persons in the pews have changed, but the church goes on.

It is difficult to picture a day when life will not go on for us individually.  One day, something will happen to you and the world will go on.  It is also difficult to picture a day when life will not go on for the church.  But, the Bible tells us that one day Jesus will return and the grace that we take for granted today will be no more.  During this season of Advent in the church, the church prepares for the coming of Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Son of God and the Savior of the world.  However, it would behoove us to remember that one day there will be a second coming of Jesus.  And while the world paused the first time He came, the world will be rocked the next time He comes.

Go ahead and live life, buy Christmas presents, plan your Christmas Eve worship, plan Christmas dinner.  Get ready for Christmas.  But more importantly, make sure you are ready for that day when the whole world is rocked.  For now, life goes on…. until it doesn’t.  Welcome to Advent.






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