The “After the holidays” Excuse

Lately the “after the holidays” idea has been creeping into my mind.  I feel like I have been using the holiday excuse to overeat.  I almost feel like I am trying to bulk up to go on the television show Survivor.  And society is not helping.  I just got an email from one company inviting me to “Take your snacking to a whole new level.”  They do not know that I already have.  I do not want to use the holiday excuse as permission to overeat, but with winter clothes able to hide 10 extra pounds, it is easy to indulge.  Eventually the winter clothes and the winter weight will need to come off.  With that in mind, to keep packing on the pounds makes no sense.  (Some of you may use the “after the holidays” excuse to overspend, telling yourself you will worry about it in January when the credit card bills come in).  If you can’t say amen, at least say ouch.

In Romans chapter 5 and 6, Paul is proclaiming Jesus’ victory over sin.  While “The Law” (think Old Testament commandments God’s people were supposed to follow) points out our sin due to our inability to follow it, it does nothing to provide a cure.  Paul is telling us that Jesus is the cure.  He says in Romans 5:20, where sin existed in large quantity, grace existed all the more.  Whatever the sin, however much sin, Jesus’ grace and forgiveness covers it.  Yet there is this warning in Romans 6:1-2.  Just because we are forgiven does not mean we have permission to keep doing wrong.  When we know better, we should do better.  I know better.





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