It’s not my stuff I’m giving away

The strangest thing happened the other day. Someone sent me a message that they had some toys and clothes donated.  They said if I knew anyone who needed some to let them know.  10 minutes later, Lauren from the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company called me said she had been contacted by someone who needed help with food and toys for Christmas.  I told her that it just so happened that someone just told me they had some stuff.  (I’d like to give the place credit for the stuff, but I also don’t want them to be overwhelmed.)

Diane and I are getting ready to deliver a van load to the people.  As I was going through the food pantry getting Axe Body Wash for the teenage boy and food for the family, the thought went through my mind that because these people are so far away that maybe they’ve just used and abused all the help near them to the point that they are now being told no by churches near them.  I am just being honest about thinking thoughts like this at times.  We would typically tell people from out of the area no.  But here we are, ready to send them a van full of food, clothes, and toys.

And as cynical thoughts like that are going through my mind, something else went through my mind.  It was something someone once asked someone back in upper Mason County at the food pantry.

  • “Does the stuff belong to you?”
  • “No.”
  • “Who does it belong to?”
  • “God.”
  • “Then let God deal with them.”

We are doing what Jesus calls us to do.  And unless I am pretty sure that He would not have us help someone, I think we had better do it.  It is not my stuff I am giving away.

Heavenly Father, Help me to be a good caretaker of those things You have given me control – the things that are donated to the church, and my own personal possessions.  Amen.






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2 Responses to It’s not my stuff I’m giving away

  1. God bless you. I love that approach. It is up to God to sort it all out. God is in an amazing mood.

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