Should you keep going?

One of the most difficult things in the church is letting go.  I would venture to say that every church out there has a ministry that needs to end.  The church likes to keep things going just because they have always done it that way.  And I am not making an announcement about anything at our church.  This thought just comes to mind because for the past month or so I have been thinking of ending my blogging.

I began blogging 7 1/2 years ago.  It started slowly.  And I was sporadic.  Then one young woman told me that while her husband would not go to church, he did read my blog.  She thanked me for writing it.  So on the days I had 4 people reading it, I knew who two of them were – this girl’s unchurched husband and my wife, Diane.  And I kept writing.  And I added written sermons.  And God has blessed my perseverance (steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.)  In the last couple of weeks, my posts surpassed the 300,000 views mark.  That’s pretty unbelievable for a blog that in the first month had 46 views.

I told Diane early this week I thought I might be done blogging.  It is not uncommon for me to spend an hour on one post.  And sometimes I trample all over my sermon, or the blog turns into a sermon and then I hate to post and then have people have to hear it after they have read it.  Of course, she encouraged me as a loving spouse would do.

But then Wednesday, one of the people at the NA meeting mentioned that two of them had been discussing one of my recent posts.  I took that as the Lord reminding me that he is using me.  I am doing His work.  This is His work.  And I am not looking for encouragement nor accolades from you who read it.  I do not need it.  I just want to be faithful to what God wants me to do, just as I was in the beginning.

I am writing this for you who read it.  I am writing this today to encourage you.  If there is something that God wants you to end, then by all means end it.  However, if He is using you to do His work, do not be discouraged if you are not seeing fruit.  Do not be discouraged if He is just asking you to go by faith.  Do not compare yourself you others.  Hang in there and do the Lord’s work.

Let us not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.~ Galatians 9:9

Here is something I wrote in September of 2014:

If God calls you to do something, don’t give up. He’s trusting you. Here’s what I’ve learned. If you teach a Sunday School class or lead a youth group with 2 kids, He’s trusting you with those 2 kids. If you pastor a church with 25 people, do your best, prepare your sermon as if 1,000 people were going to hear it, and preach the Gospel with all you’ve got. If you lead a small group and you get discouraged because only a few show up, keep going if you believe God is calling you to do it. We mustn’t ever have the attitude that only a few will be there so I’m not going to prepare or follow through. Will you continue to serve Him even when it seems like nobody notices? Will you be obedient even when you don’t feel like it? Can God trust you with a little?







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2 Responses to Should you keep going?

  1. It’s almost kind of funny that you were wondering if you should end your blog because I ended mine this week. But even though I ended mine, I will still follow yours. I know you said that you don’t need encouragement, but . . . I get lots of devotionals in my email everyday and some of them sit there unread for a week, but whenever you post, I read yours first because I know that it will contain a real life application, a positive message, and a “image” of God in writing.

    I particularly liked your last quote from a pervious post because that is what my Church is going through. We are small, but we say we are good at making disciples even if our numbers do not grow.

  2. LIsa Ohlinger says:

    As I’ve said in the past your Blog keeps me going! You have grown so much and you help,me to grow! Sometimes I even print out your blogs so I can have them handy! Keep ON Keeping On! Love Ya Man

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