Steelers receive a $4 Bonus

I read that each of the Pittsburgh Steelers players received a bonus from the Steelers’ owner for winning their division.  It was a $200 bonus.  To put it in perspective, I did the math and figured out what the bonus would be for me based on my salary.  The average NFL salary is about $2 million a year.  My gross salary is about $44,000 a year.  That bonus for the Steelers’ players would equate to about a $4 bonus for me.  The bonus for the players will obviously buy a lot more than mine would.  I could not even get a Little Ceasar’s pizza.  Still, it would seem to be an insignificant gift.  It is one where you would have to be satisfied with the “It’s the thought that counts” mantra.

Today is Christmas in 2017.  It has been just over 2,000 years since the world received the greatest gift when God entered the world He created.  And the sad thing is that most of America values it as much as I would treasure a $4 bonus.  If I truly understood the value of the gift I have received from God, I would be sobbing right now.  He really does love me so much that He went as far as to sacrifice Himself for me.

Immanuel… God with us.  Immanuel… God with me.  It occurred to me last night during the Christmas Eve worship that one day I will be with Him forever.  Until then, He has come to be with me.  It truly is a priceless gift.  My prayer for you on this Christmas Day is that you would just thank Him for the gift.

Heavenly Father,  There is nothing comparable to You.  You are the beginning and the end.  You are perfect and holy.  It is only by Your grace that I have my next breath.  I could easily be insignificant to You.  But I am not.  I know You love me.  And if I ever doubt that, help me to remember the gift You gave me.  Help me to remember that You came from heaven to earth to help me get from earth to heaven.  And even more, help me to realize that Your Spirit is with me right now, and always.  Thank You for sending Jesus.  Help me to live for Him.  Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit.  Help me to be attuned to Him.  In the blessed Name of Jesus I praise You. Amen.





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