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The big difference above and below the clouds

Last week I flew back from Florida.  As we flew, I took this picture of the clouds.  The contrast against the blue sky is beautiful. However, this beauty is only visible when you are above them.  When you are below … Continue reading

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The right answer

Last night as we were walking away from the sunset at Siesta Beach in Florida, two young ladies walked up behind my wife and I and one of them yelled, “What’s your favorite zoo?” Diane was too surprised to answer … Continue reading

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Love for Haiti

It is strange how God can use something bad for His good.  I believe God wants me to give you an opportunity to do just that.  You must know Haiti is getting all kind of attention and love because President … Continue reading

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The old ways

Today I wrote the word “pies” on my hand.  I need to remember to send pies home with people today to back for our Wednesday night dinner.  I used to write notes on my hand all the time, as I … Continue reading

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Wants verses needs

I remember a devotion a few years ago given by a Samaritan’s Purse leader.  The message was distinguishing between wants and needs.  Most of our desires are wants.  I may “want” Gianni’s pizza for dinner, but the Lord and I … Continue reading

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You’ve got choices

I am thinking about going to Pennsylvania to see my wife Diane today.  She is with her parents who are not doing well at the moment.  She will be there next week as well and I will be in North … Continue reading

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Knowing better but not doing better

Many people often re-use gallon tea jugs.  There are several in the storage room at the church.  I know from experience that you must let the jug itself dry out completely if you want to put the lid on it.  … Continue reading

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