In the year 2000

I think I am probably more reflective than most at the beginning of a new year because I also have a birthday soon after the new year.  As I reflect, I remember sitting in middle school and high school in the 1970’s thinking about the year 2000.  I remember thinking I would be 38.  I wondered what I would be doing.  I thought perhaps I would be a pharmacist.  I wondered if I would be married and have kids.  I didn’t realize it in the 1970’s, but I was right to be thinking about the year 2000.  Next to 1962, 2000 was the most important year of my life.  I was saved in the year 2000.

Well, the year 2000 has come and gone.  Now, here it is 2018.  And I no longer wonder about 25 years down the road.  I know it is pointless to wonder.  I cannot imagine 2043.  I would be 81.  I am not looking forward to retirement.  I look forward to one year – this year.  I want to quit eating so many donuts.  I want to drop 15 pounds.  (Those two go hand in hand).  I want to live for Jesus.  It just occurred to me that I am 18 again.  I was saved in 2000 and now it is 2018.  I want to live for Jesus.

“I have come to see clearly that life is more than self.  It is more than doing what I want, striving for what will benefit me, dreaming of all I can be. Life is about my relationship with God. There is no higher calling, no loftier dream and no greater goal than to live, breathe, and be poured out for Jesus Christ.” ~ Brother Andrew in the book God’s Smuggler

May the bolts of your gate be iron and bronze, and your strength last as long as you live. ~ Deuteronomy 33:25







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