Knowing better but not doing better

Many people often re-use gallon tea jugs.  There are several in the storage room at the church.  I know from experience that you must let the jug itself dry out completely if you want to put the lid on it.  I never put lids on the jugs.  I store them without lids and put the lids in a box near the jugs.  Then if I want to use one I rinse it out and fill it with tea, lemonade, etc.  Some people do not know the rule about drying out the jugs.  This morning I went to get a jug and I saw one with a good bit of mold in it.  Of course, the lid was on it and there was a little bit of water in it.  Someone obviously rinsed it out and put the lid on it not realizing the mold would surely appear.  When people do not know any better, you cannot blame them for not “doing better”.

This coming Sunday begins the Epiphany season in the church, which will last about six weeks before Lent begins.  The word ‘Epiphany’ comes from Greek and means ‘manifestation.’  I love the word epiphany.  I associate it with the light bulb over ones head as in a sudden and striking realization.  So for the next six weeks, the church typically focuses on the Biblical events where Jesus is made known and understood the as Son of God and as Savior.

One of the problems that come with understanding something is that one then has a choice to make.  I just assumed the person who put the lid on the jug did not know that it would mold.  There is a chance they did know.  If they did, then they made a bad choice.  The jug got thrown away today.  It may as well have been thrown away then instead of wasting the water to rinse it out.

As a pastor, my job is not to save people.  My job is to make them understand.  My job is not to get them to behave like a follower of Jesus.  My job is to explain to them what the Bible teaches about being a follower of Jesus.  Once I explain these things to them, the onus is off of me and on them.  They then have a decision to make.  That is part of the difficulty of being a regular reader of my blog posts.

Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. ~ John 13:17





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  1. Luke 12:48 goes well with your topic

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