You’ve got choices

I am thinking about going to Pennsylvania to see my wife Diane today.  She is with her parents who are not doing well at the moment.  She will be there next week as well and I will be in North Carolina on a mission trip.  Tomorrow I cannot go see her because I am busy.  It’s today or it’s not seeing her for another week.  The difficulty is getting over the mountains.  The Weather Channel shows you red, yellow, and green on the maps for the road conditions.  There is a lot of yellow and some red.  There are also traffic cameras I can see for the interstate.  It looks a little sketchy.  The WV/MD state line is always the worst.  There are several blog posts I could write today about the weather on the mountains and a possible trip across them.

  1. I could talk about what it takes to get to the other side, and relate that to here and eternity.
  2. I could talk about risk and the consequences of taking chances, and relate that to the risk of not choosing to follow Jesus.  (I would be taking a car with liability insurance only, not full coverage).
  3. I could talk about how much information we have at our fingertips, and relate that to how the Bible says things like this from Jeremiah, “The wise men are put to shame, They are dismayed and caught; Behold, they have rejected the word of the LORD, And what kind of wisdom do they have?

I have choices. And so do you.

“…choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” ~ Joshua 24:15






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