Wants verses needs

I remember a devotion a few years ago given by a Samaritan’s Purse leader.  The message was distinguishing between wants and needs.  Most of our desires are wants.  I may “want” Gianni’s pizza for dinner, but the Lord and I both know I do not need it.

The last couple of days I have had the heat on all over the church.  My office is always heated to 68-70 with a wall unit, but the rest of the church is not.  Typically, during the cold times in winter it is 40-50 degrees all over the church because I only turn heat on when anyone other than me is going to be here.  And that works out well for Linda, who cleans the church because she is always hot while working in the church.

But since the weather has been hovering near 0 at night and in the teens in the daytime, it feels like summer in here having the heat on all over the church.  I do not want to deal with frozen or busted water pipes.  I do not know what the history is here, but I do not want to regret being too cheap or lazy to leave some heat on.  The heat is not on for anyone’s comfort, but for a practical reason.

There are not really many things I need.  And at the end of this life, all I really need is Jesus.  Jesus is all you need as well.  I pray you realize that before the end of your life.  Yet, God is so gracious that He often gives us many of our wants.





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One Response to Wants verses needs

  1. Jesus is all we need. Jesus challenges us to build up our treasure in heaven. Not freezing to death is important though. 🙂

    Be blessed. God is in a stunning mood.

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