The old ways

Today I wrote the word “pies” on my hand.  I need to remember to send pies home with people today to back for our Wednesday night dinner.  I used to write notes on my hand all the time, as I am sure many of you did…. ok, at least some of you.  I have not written on my hand more than a time or two since I began carrying a smart phone.  Now I make notes in my phone.  I got a little sentimental when I wrote that note on my hand this morning.

I know some people miss how church used to be.  Churches used to be full.  It did not matter how the music was, how the preaching was, or how long it was.  It was full every day and pretty well attended even on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.  The American church is changing.  The attractional model, where you just opened the doors and people came, is fading.  Over the next 30 years, the church in America is going to go back to its earliest roots.  The church, if it is going to survive in America, is going to become missional.  Instead of trying to get the people in the world to come, we are going to have to get the people in the church to go (to reach their community and their world).

Fortunately for me, I like that kind of church.  I hope you do, too, because I am sure it is where God is leading the American church.





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